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Gently With The Ladies
The Inspector George Gently Case Files -Book XIII
Alan Hunter

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
18 October 2012/ ISBN 9781780339382
Mystery / Contemporary / 1964/ London
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

It looks like an open and shut case. Wastrel John Fazackerly did not get on with his wife Clytie whose money he lives on and has murdered her in their expensive Chelsea apartment. He has then fled to sea on his yacht, presumably with his mistress, and is now back. But why is he back, and can it possibly be true that he is innocent?

This is something of a departure for Hunter, and it is interesting to watch the series move through changing periods and tastes. Now he is investigating in fashionable Chelsea, in the exotic and decadent world that Clytie cut her swathe through. The apartment is no ordinary one, but a lushly decorated (and described) place for erotic lesbian pleasures. There is a wonderful portrait too of the dead woman, looking like some primitive goddess that is one of those treats Hunter always includes in his work, being a master at tactile, tangible descriptions. I didn’t guess who did it and here the author does the most with a small cast of characters and a lot of red herrings. This is Gently on his own much of the time, and just as effective as he gets put in a variety of situations that seem a world away from rural Norfolk.

A series that keeps on being surprising and a treat.

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