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Gently Floating
The Inspector George Gently Case Files – Book XI
Alan Hunter

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
19 April 2012 ISBN-13: 9781780331522
Mystery / 1963 /Norfolk, England
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Reviewed by
Rachel A Hyde

Harry French owns a fleet of charter boats and a boat building business on the Norfolk Broads. When he is found dead in one of his boats the morning after August Bank Holiday there are quite a few suspects. Nobody much seems to like him, but is there enough evidence to convict either his wild son John or disgruntled employee Sid? George Gently is sent down from London to investigate.

I truly do wonder at the BBC for setting their adaptation of this series in Newcastle upon Tyne. One of the great charms of reading it is for Mr. Hunter’s tactile, tangible descriptions of Norfolk. Whether he is describing the seaside resort of Starmouth (Great Yarmouth), some dusty, forgotton township or the Broads he has the power to transport the reader to another place and time. In this book it is the Broads during a hot summer Bank Holiday week when it is awash with visitors and fair splits the night with music. He knows his boats too and at times I wished for a glossary for some of the technical terms but as ever you could almost smell the wood, paint and river water. There is a story in here as well of course, a fairly simple linear tale of the murder of an unpopular man, which I guessed early on, but which only adds to the atmosphere so beautifully evoked. I continue to be glad that Robinson is introducing a new generation of readers to this wonderful series.

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