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Gently To The Summit
The Inspector George Gently Case Files · Book VIII
Alan Hunter

Robinson (Constable and Robinson)
3 November 2011 / ISBN: 9781780331461
Mystery / Contemporary 1961 /London and North Wales
Amazon US - UK

Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Back in 1937 a team of climbers went up Mount Everest and one never made it back. Now over twenty years later the missing man, Reg Kincaid, has returned with a thrilling tale of survival against all odds and life in Tibet. He also tells a darker tale of attempted murder but is he who he says he is, and why can nobody find his wife? When the purported ·murderer· Arthur Fleece falls from Snowdon a short time later, things become even more mysterious.

In case you were wondering why a detective based in London always seems to solve cases based in Norfolk then you too will be glad of a change of scene. Most of this novel takes place in London (in itself a change) but the action then changes to Snowdonia. As ever Mr. Hunter demonstrates his formidable talents as both a clever plot constructor and excellent describer of people and places. He was also superbly laconic without actually seeming so, with this wee book having fewer than 250 pages. This is one of my favorites to date, the reader wondering whether anybody is telling the truth and kept guessing until the end. I'm so pleased Constable and Robinson have decided to treat modern readers to this wonderful series.

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