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Daniel Palmer

Kensington Books
Feb 2012 / ISBN 97807582

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Tom Hawkins, a former Navy Seal, returned to his hometown of Silo, New Hampshire after nine years. He becomes the coach of the girls soccer team. He is trying to mend the bitterness with his daughter which was fostered by his ex-wife. His ex-wife is murdered and the police are looking at Tom as a person of interest. Then a blog appears accusing Tom of sleeping with one of the soccer players. Rumors escalate with incriminating evidence against Tom. Tom must prove his innocence by probing into his family, his friends and even his military career.

This is a thriller with a fast paced true to life plot. The dilemma of an innocent man whose life has been ruined by falsehoods is well presented. The struggle of a father to protect his daughter and to reestablish the bond of love and trust between them is well defined. This plot is very relevant at this time when teachers are in danger of misinformation, rumors and false accusations.

Reviewed 2012