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Her Majesty's Will
David Blixt

May 25, 2012 B007XK63ZG
Historical Mystery

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

I am greatly influenced by the title of a book and it can be a big factor for me to try it. Her Majesty's Will by David Blixt is one of those books. Finding out that the lead of the book is played by William Shakespeare was a big plus. Elizabethan England is a time period with which I am only a little familiar.

We meet Will before he has become famous, leading the life of a school-master far away from his beloved Stratford On Avon. He teaches literature by having the boys put on plays. Will is living under an assumed name and not thrilled to be teaching his classroom of young boys. Before long, Will rescues a damsel in great distress and ends up going on the adventure of a lifetime with real spy Kit Marlowe. This is a fun romp through the countryside with sword fights and secret codes. It is also the first time Will enters London. Can they get the coded message into the right hands? Or will they find out that the stolen message is nothing more than a laundry list? Is there really a plot to take down Queen Elizabeth? How will they elude the men that are chasing them for that stolen coded message?

This is a fun read and I read the book in a very short period of time. It is for those that enjoying figuring out the clues that are planted in the novel. And those of you who are Anglophiles at heart will really enjoy this cleverly crafted novel. It is written so that there are no chapters but Acts and Scenes just like in the plays of Shakespeare. I enjoyed the journey and savored the wit of the author.

Reviewer's Note: This is a stand-alone book. Kindle edition is 247 pages. Mr. Blixt series include: Colossus (Roman Empire) and Star-Cross'd (Renaissance Italy).
Reviewed 2012