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Hiss and Hers
Agatha Raisin Series, Book XXIII
M C Beaton

Constable (Constable and Robinson)
4 October 2012/ ISBN 9781849019729
Mystery / Contemporary / Rural Oxfordshire
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Reviewed by Rachel A Hyde

Gray haired one-legged war veteran George Marston might sound an unlikely Adonis, but the women of Carsely cannot get enough of him. Agatha Raisin is convinced that her love for him is the real thing, and even throws a charity ball hoping for a romantic dance. But when he fails to arrive after saying that he has saved the first dance for her, Agatha goes off to find him and does so but he is dead. Killed by the bites of three adders in a way that shows it is obviously murder and soon Agatha is hired by George’s sister to discover whodunit.

I am fond of all M C Beaton’s books but this series is my favorite. Agatha is a delightfully real character with her insecurities, love affairs and grim determination to solve crimes, and the flashes of satire always make me laugh. Here we are treated to some descriptions of truly awful eateries and a modern version of Macbeth. It is not too difficult to guess whodunit and there is no room for complex sub-plots but this is a fairly short book, and nicely crammed with incident. All the usual cast of characters are present plus some new ones, and thus there is a good balance of new and old to enjoy. Plenty happens on every page, much of it amusing and all of it entertaining in the usual way. A truly relaxing read that will appeal to all fans of the series although if you are new to it do start at the beginning.

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