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Hot Water
Erin Brockovich with CJ Lyons

Vanguard Press
November 8, 2011 / ISBN 978-1593156848
Environmental Thriller

Reviewed by Linda Morelli

AJ Palladino and Elizabeth Hardy are partners in a consumer advocacy firm dealing primarily with environmental issues. One day Owen Grandel, the owner of a nuclear plant in Colleton River, South Carolina, asks for help. His is the only US plant that creates medical isotopes, but recently it has suffered a series of mishaps. Owen has taken measures to insure the accidents won't reoccur, but he wants their firm to investigate the cause of the accidents. He especially needs AJ's help in interfacing with the community and anti-nuclear groups that are still protesting the plant. The decision is difficult for AJ and Elizabeth, because it means betraying everything they believe in, but they can use the money and the plant·s medical isotopes can save millions of lives.

The job also means that AJ must leave her 9 year-old son, David, with her ailing parents, a concern because the boy's father is dead and the paternal grandfather would do anything to gain custody of David. This latter sub-plot added tension to an already taut story, especially when David goes missing. I felt a few scenes were a bit far-fetched, but otherwise, the plot is solid and the pending danger from terrorists realistic.

The dialogue is well done, though I found the authors' frequent switch from first person perspective to third person a bit distracting. The character descriptions and scenes were well-handled and visual, thus enabling me to feel as though I was part of the action. The plot is engrossing, the sub-plots entertaining, the action fast-paced, and the story far too feasible for comfort.

Hot Water is an edge-of-the-seat page turner, an exciting environmental thriller and a fast, enjoyable read.

Reviewer Linda Morelli is the award winning author of three published romance novels.
Reviewed 2012
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