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How To Tail A Cat
A Cats and Curios Mystery #4
Rebecca M. Hale

Berkley Prime Crime
September 2012 / ISBN-10: 0425251292

Reviewed by
Cheryl Green

What does an albino alligator named Clive and the San Francisco mayoral election have in common? If written by anyone other than Rebecca M. Hale, I would say absolutely nothing. But since it is – I say read on and all will become clear…

Looks like Isabella and Rupert are ready to send their person off on another adventure. Actually – Isabella is the one providing the clues – Rupert would rather eat Lick’s fried chicken. Oh, Isabella and Rupert are cats as well as brother and sister. They live upstairs from the shop, The Green Vase. The antique shop and the rest of the building, is owned by Isabella and Rupert’s person. It was left to her by her Uncle Oscar.

Oscar’s niece needs to find out about the Steinhart brothers – the founders of the Steinhart Aquarium. The home of, you guessed it, Clive the albino alligator. There are plenty of secret meetings where people are eating and passing along information. One person dresses as a janitor to gather information about the upcoming election and is rewarded by being forced to eat snails.

Things to ponder: Why kidnap Clive the Alligator? Who really owns Jack Lick’s Homestyle Chicken restaurant? What clues can be found on an old brass lamp? Who is the old tramp?

This is another wonderful romp through the city of San Francisco. You will meet plenty of quirky characters and learn a little San Francisco lore too. Rebecca M Hale has written another mystery involving a treasure hunt. If you are a cat lover or even love alligators, then this is the mystery for you. The real treasure in this book is reading it – a very fast paced puzzle of a story that will keep you guessing. Or else it will become as clear as mud to you.

Reviewer's Note: Reviewers Notes: Other books in the series: How To Wash A Cat #1, Nine Lives Last Forever #2, How To Moon A Cat #3
Reviewed 2012