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I, Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett Series, No 5

James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge
Read by Bobby Cannavale, Jay Snyder

Hachette Audio (Unabridged)
July 9, 2012 / ISBN B008IXLHG2
Thriller / Detective / New York / Audiobook / 7 hours and 36 minutes

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

"I, Michael Bennett" is an exceptional thriller. NYPD Detective Michael Bennett has been working on a plan to take down the world's most powerful and deadly drug dealer. As usual, things go wrong. The man has a warrant out for his arrest, but he hasn't been in the country. He's been living in Canada. But Michael hears from one of his informants that the man who calls himself the "Sun King" is planning to sneak back into the country to meet everyone at Margarita's, a little restaurant in New York City.

When he doesn't show, Michael figures out that he is coming to his daughter, Daisy's graduation from law school. Margarita is the Spanish word for daisy. Immediately, the task force moves to the graduation site, Madison Square Garden. The building is enormous and finding the "Sun King" in there will be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Then, after they did find him, they had to get him out without anyone getting hurt. Michael was glad his childhood friend, Hughie McDonough, would be with him.

Things go wrong when it isn't the "Sun King" that answers the bogus page, but his security chief, an insane, beautiful woman named Marietta. She kills several of the task force, Hughie McDonough among them. He dies saving Michael's life.

Once again, this is James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge at their best. The characters are human, though to say the evil "Sun King" is human is stretching the truth. This man is the king of bullies and Michael has just one regret; he regrets not killing him when he had him pinned down and there were no witnesses. The plot is complicated. Read by Bobby Cannavale and Jay Snyder, the book has a cliffhanger ending. Listen to "I, Michael Bennett" and enjoy another James Patterson jewel.

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Reviewer's Note: Contains Violence, profanity
Reviewed 2012