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In Search of the Rose Notes
Emily Arsenault

William Morrow
July 2011 / ISBN 9780062012326
Psychological thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

In 1990 Nora and Charlotte were best friends with their baby sitter, Rose. They had been using Time/Life books about the paranormal. Rose disappeared one day when she walked Nora home. Nora was the last person to see Rose alive, No trace of her was found.

In 2006 Nora returned home when Charlotte called to tell her that bones had been found in the woods which were identified as Rose. They unearth the Time/Life books they had discussed years ago with Rose and attempt to find clues to Rose's disappearance and the cause of her death. This reveals hidden secrets with a surprising ending.

This is a very complex story with two time sequences. There are intriguing ideas with the Time/Life paranormal themes. It's well written with an insight and understanding about friendship that must endure.


Reviewed 2012