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Into the Darkest Corner
Elizabeth Haynes

Harper Collins
June 6, 2012 / ISBN 978-0062197252

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt

This is Elizabeth Haynes's debut novel and she really hit it out of the park with Amazon's UK Best Book of the Year! As an intelligence analyst for the police, author Benson had been working on domestic abuse issues, had a dream, and wrote it for a writing contest called NANO. Catherine Bailey meets Lee Brightman one night and becomes instantaneously connected in a romance that soon becomes a nightmare. Controlling and abusive, Lee drives her crazy while assuring her he loves her. Next comes the physical abuse. Four years later after he was arrested for an attack that left her near death, he faces freedom and she faces the threat of him finding her again.

For anyone who has ever been in an abusive relationship or anyone who cannot understand the psychological implications of why a woman can endure such abuse, this is the book of the year to read. The shocking end will keep you reeling long afterward and you will never see abusive relationships the same again.

Reviewed 2012