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Kill Alex Cross
Alex Cross #18
James Patterson
Read by Andre Braugher, Zach Grenier

Hachette Audio
May 22, 2012 / ISBN: 1611132169
Thriller / Government / Audiobook / Unabridged · 7CDs

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

Kill Alex Cross has duo storylines. One is the kidnapping of the US President's children. The kidnapper has a little help when the president's daughter practices rebellion and talks her brother into skipping school. Alex Cross fights the other Government Departments as he tries to solve the crime and rescue the First Children alive. The Kidnapper's determination and personal feelings toward Alex leads to a death threat and a showdown, hence the title Kill Alex Cross. The second storyline is a terrorist act· Those involved attempted to either kill themselves or run and hide. Listeners follow their plan and escape step by step. At some points you can only shake your head· The personal side of Alex and family is Nana and how she takes on a young thief· Never underestimate a determined Nana.

As always, Patterson delivers scenes that demand a reaction from the reader/listener. For me it was Alex's frustration in trying to save two children only to be alienated by the very government he's trying to assist. Some days you just can't explain the government· And foreign Terrorists living in"our" country, wanting to harm us because "we're" different from them -- enough said· And that kidnapper is one strange guy, which makes him very dangerous. He likes to hear his own voice and uses personal pain to power his anger. Just wait till Alex comes face to face with him -- you·re gonna love it·

I prefer Patterson's novels on audio. With Kill Alex Cross the sound effects heighten the suspense and the duo narrators (Braugher/Grenier) bring hero Alex Cross and his spine-tingling enemies to life. Another outstanding listen. Don't miss it.

Highly recommended.

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Reviewed 2012
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