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A Killer Column
Mystery By Numbers Mystery, No 2
May Casey Meyers

Berkley Prime Crime
August 2011 / ISBN: 9780425242230

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Savannah Stone is a math puzzle master. She's gone to Raleigh to meet with her puzzle editor, Derrick Duncan. Savannah wants to be able to free herself from her contract. At the meeting Derrick notifies her that they are not going to be working together. He has sold her contract to another syndicate. She argues with him, and the argument is heard by others. She storms out of the office. When she calms down she returns to the office to find Derrick dead. She is innocent of the murder and determined to find out who did it. She works with her best friend Jemiah Blake, an attorney, to try and clear herself as the prime suspect.

This is a well-plotted, fast-moving story. The characters are likeable, strong and interact with each other. There are puzzles in the back of the book for any reader who is puzzle inclined.

Reviewed 2012
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