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Killer Librarian

Mary Lou Kirwin

Pocket Books
November 2012 / ISBN 978-1451684643

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Karen Nash was looking forward to her first trip to England with her boyfriend Dave. It was a celebration of Dave’s new eco-friendly toilet, the Flush Budget, making a lot of money. However, the day of the trip, Dave breaks up with Karen. She is very emotional and decides to go to England on her own. Karen finds Dave and his very young and thin girlfriend are on the same flight to England. At least Karen did not have to deal with them on the flight as she was upgraded to first class.

Karen has her taxi follow Dave to his B&B. Then she goes on to the one where she is staying. The owner, Caldwell Perkins, is very nice and invites her to dinner and then to a local pub. Karen has a little… make that a lot to drink and tells her tale of woe to a gentleman named Guy who tells her Dave will be taken care of and she need not worry anymore.

Waking very early with a monstrous hangover Karen goes in search of juice with which to take her aspirins. She ends up finding Howard Worth, another resident, dead in the sitting room. It looks like his bad heart has finally given out. What a shame it happened before he received his award at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Things to ponder: Is Guy really a shady character? Why was Dave found in the National Gallery looking at Karen’s favorite painting? Will Karen, the mystery loving librarian, decide to play sleuth and find out what really happened to Howard? Oh yeah – what about the second dead man?

Killer Librarian has all the elements of a great cozy mystery series: charming characters, a whodunnit and of course the backdrop of London. I loved visiting places that I did not get to on my trips to London. I adored Karen from the beginning because one of the hardest things she found to pack were the right books to take along. So if you like your mysteries with a dash of England, then this is the book for you.

Reviewed 2012