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Killer Move
Michael Marshall

2012 / ISBN 9780061434433

Reviewed by Bob Walch

They seem to have little in common but when their lives intersect there's going to be hell to pay and someone's going to wish the two men featured in this thriller never crossed one another's path.

John Hunter has just spent 16 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He's out now and bent on making sure those who sent him away pay.

Bill Moore is a successful Florida real estate agent, who has been living the "good life" but hopes to cut himself an even larger slice of the luxury pie. Suddenly and inexplicitly, Bill experiences a radical change of fortune. After finding a card on his desk with the word "Modified" written on it, odd things happen and Bill's world begins to fall apart.

How these two very different men are connected and why someone is intent on "modifying" one of their lives is the subject of this clever and somewhat disturbing thriller. You'll love this novel even though it might make you a bit uneasy after you finish it!

Reviewed 2012