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Kill Me If You Can
James Patterson and Marshall Karp

Hachette Audio
February 20, 2012 / ISBN: 1611137489
Mystery/Thriller / Audiobook (Unabridged)

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

The man known as Ghost waited for his target in Grand Central Terminal, hidden where he could see the entrance without Russian assassin Walter seeing him. The head of the local branch of the Russian Mafia had contracted Ghost to kill Walter because Walter had been skimming from the Diamond Syndicate. These men smuggled blood diamonds to the U. S. for American dealers to sell.

When Walter entered the Terminal, Ghost didn't make his move immediately. Instead, he watched Walter, waiting for a chance to make the hit without being noticed. Disguised as a homeless man, he waited until Walter went to the restroom.With his gun silenced, no one would know until someone found the body, unless something went wrong.

Well, something went wrong. Walter somehow knew he was coming. Ghost missed the first shot. Things got messy after that. Walter ran and Ghost had to fire a killing shot while dodging bullets from Walter's gun.

Meanwhile, Matthew Bannon rounded the corner near the storage lockers and came to an open locker with a man lying in front of it. The man muttered a few unintelligible words and died. Curious, Bannon looked to see what was worth dying for in that locker. All he found was an old fashioned doctor's bag. He opened it to see what it held. It looked like it was full of diamonds!

Kill Me If You Can is a wild read with several shocks along the way. It is James Patterson plotting at its best. What an exciting and terrific thriller. Listen to Kill Me If You Can , and take a wild adventure.

Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, sex, profanity
Reviewed 2012