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Mercury's Rise
Silver Run Mystery, No 4
Ann Parker

Poisoned Pen Press
November 2011 / ISBN: 9781590589618
Historical mystery / 1880's

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Inez Stannert and her friend Susan Carather take a coach from Leadville to Manitou whose mineral springs are favored by patients suffering from consumption. Inezi is to meet her sister Harmony who has been caring for Inez's son.

Another passenger, Edward Pace, has an apparent heart attack and dies after drinking one of the tonics presented by Doctor Prochazles, The tonic had been prescribed for Edward's wife Kirsten. She suspects foul play and asks Inez to investigate.

Inez finds there are spurious claims being made about the benefits of the spa by the doctors who promise miracles for their patients. Inez's husband, Mark Stannart, suddenly reappears and threatens her newfound independence and her child. There are other targets for homicide, which complicate her investigations and bring a cliff hanger ending.

This plot gives equal attention to Inez's domestic problems and the mystery she investigates. Inez is a strong woman struggling to be independent. There are detailed descriptions of the garments worn by the female characters.

This is beautifully written with much historical detail of the time and place.

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