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Mix-up in Miniature
A Miniatures Mystery #7
Margaret Grace

Perseverance Press
April 2012 / 9781864715101

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

In Mix-Up Miniature the local library committee wishes to raise enough money to buy a bookmobile. The head librarian has given Geraldine Young the job of soliciting a doll's house from Alexandra Rockwell, a well-known romance writer and a miniaturist. Rockwell promises to contribute one of her miniature doll houses.

When Geraldine goes to Rockwell's house she finds her murdered. They had become friends. Also, at the request of Rockwell's daughter, she is determined to investigate the murder. She believes the police are being too slow. So she and her 11 year old granddaughter, Maddie, delve into Rockwell's past to find any clues to a reason for her murder. With the aid of computers they find secrets in Alexandra's Past. They also find a secret room in the doll house she donated which gives a clue to the reason for the murder.

This is a quick read with a well-crafted plot and a likeable cast of characters. Maddie is a young girl wise beyond her years who offers insight into the murder. It seems to me that there are quite a few precocious young girls in fiction now who are putting the police to shame.

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