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Mrs. Malory and A Necessary End
Sheila Malory Mystery, No 20
Hazel Holt

October 2, 2012 /ISBN: 0451415388
Cozy British Mystery

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

In this mystery Sheila’s best friend Rosemary takes a back seat. Rosemary resents Sheila joining Monica at a charity shop and tells Sheila she’ll regret it. Sheila actually finds a sense of purpose in working with the other ladies. But Desmond, the charity tyrant, is another matter. It’s through the gossip mill Sheila discovers what an abrasive, controlling man Desmond can be. Most tolerate him and go about their business until one day Desmond is found stabbed to death in the charity closet.

Sheila joins forces with Inspector Morris to solve the murder. The inspector takes the professional road whereas Sheila follows the path of personal contact and village gossip. Solving the mystery relies on people and interaction more than the typical police questioning. I did note a lack of technology in this mystery and there was no last minute sleuth-in-danger scene. And it was quite refreshing.

This is sleuth Sheila Malory’s twentieth mystery. In reading the Malory series I have to put the longevity of it down to a strong lead character, and the author’s ability to make a reader feel he/she is taking part in solving the crime. I actually felt like I was ease-dropping on charity shop gossip. Each time a new suspect was revealed, I was ready to take that next step with Sheila to see where it led. I didn’t expect the killer to be the one actually revealed, but understood once it was. Another entertaining read for those who enjoy cozy British mysteries.


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