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Murder in the 11th House
Starlight Detective Mystery, No 1
Mitchell Scott Lewis

Poisoned Pen Press
Sept 2011 / 9781590589502

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

David Lowell is an astrological detective. He makes his deductions using astrology. His daughter, Melinda, a defense attorney, has hired him to use his charts to solve the murder of a beautiful young judge. She is defending young Johnny Colbert, a bartender, who is accused of the crime. Using his charts and information from the judge's colleagues he traces the reason for the crime. In the search for the truth he places himself, and his daughter, is danger.

Murder in the 11th House is a well-written tale of money, murder and intrigue with an education in the field of astrology. The characters are interesting, some with unusual qualities. The action is fast, the suspense constant. Recommend.

Reviewed 2012