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Never Say Pie
Pie Shop Mystery #2
Carol Culver

Midnight Ink Books
August 8, 2012 / ISBN 978-0738723792

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Hanna Denton pie maker extraordinaire is back in her Crystal Cove pie shop trying to stir up some more business. She has a booth at the weekly Food Fair and should have no trouble enticing new customers to try and buy her wares. While she is wandering around scoping out the enemy, I mean competition, her grandmother Louise, the original pie maker, was watching the booth.

Hanna has a good time meeting the new vendors and some that are old friends. She gets to taste and buy their goods. What is bothering her is she keeps missing the food critic that will be doing an article on the food vendors. Upon returning to her booth Hanna finds that Heath Barr the food critic has been and gone. All Hanna can do is hope he enjoyed her pies.

It comes as a big surprise to Hanna that the food critic slams her food. At least she is not alone. Most of the food she tasted is also given a bad review. Hanna decides to have a meeting with these vendors to try to come up with a solution and not lose any business. All the vendors come to her meeting and after pie and coffee were getting down to business when Police Chief Sam Genovese arrives and wants to know which one of them killed Heath Barr several hours earlier.

Looks like Hanna will have her hands full with more than pies this summer. She is again a suspect in Sam's murder case. Hanna will have to mix it up with the other suspects, I mean vendors, to figure out who killed the food critic. I guess they should all be grateful no food did him in.

Carol Culver has written another fun fast paced mystery. I loved the characters and can't wait for the next in the series. And for a bonus some yummy recipes are included too.

Reviewer's Note: A Good Day To Pie -Pie Shop Mystery #1
Reviewed 2012