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Nightmare (1st review)
Dennis Collins

Self-Published (Dennis Collins)
April 16, 2012 / ISBN 978-0615628707
Mystery/ Thriller

Reviewed by Claudia VanLydegraf

Nightmare by Dennis Collins is a really great possible breakout book, hopefully it will see a future as a motion picture, it is that good...... I have to admit that I am a bit biased about Dennis's writings as I have "known" him/his works, since his first book, The Unreal McCoy and have followed every book (Turn Left at September) that he has written since then. He can write any kind of story and make it a cliff hanger, having his reader sitting on the edge of their chairs while he fleshes out the story.

Nightmare starts with Michael O'Connor listening to a client that came into his Private Investigation Office to see if he could help her prevent something from happening. The biggest problem is that she, Bonnie Prescott, doesn't know what might happen, when it might happen or why it will happen, except that she has a feeling about her twin brother, Brian Prescott. A feeling that something bad is hatching in his mind, and you know that Twin thing, Twins always feel closely and intently whatever the other twin is thinking, doing or feeling. And she knows that Brian is working on something in his mind. It is the who, what, where, why and how that eludes her. So she is there to see if someone can help her get the goods on what is going on in her brothers mind. Real easy, right, WRONG!!!!

There is a really big festival in Caseville, Michigan each year called The Cheeseburger Festival, and Brian Prescott lives about 20 miles from it, as the crow flies. Brian has a lot of property on Lake Huron going into Saginaw Bay that no one has access to, and a penchant for boats that can pull things without being noticed. The parents of Brian and Bonnie died a long time ago and the property that he now lives in was the home of his grandparents, who built a huge fishing industry on Saginaw Bay, thus the boats and tools availability. He loves BULL SHARKS and has studied them extensively, so he knows their behaviors well. He also has voices in his head that scream at him and chide him into wanting to kill things, primarily people. The voices leave him alone after he does something to stop them. What is he going to plan for The Cheeseburger festival?? Will it involve using the Bull Sharks that he has in the boat house? There was a guy named Digger who fell prey while searching out Shorty (who is a day laborer) when he lost his balance in the boat house. Shorty is a smallish man and works for people on a first come, first serve basis, but he overheard something while he was working for Brian that scared him down to his very soul and made him and his wife become people on the run to save themselves. Can he find the courage to go to the police? Have the calls that Michael exchanged with his wife given him the courage to at least give Michael and his other former partners the information needed to find and follow the clues so they can stop a horrible event from happening at The Cheeseburger Festival?

Get Nightmare and read it before you eat dinner, so that you can finish it before you go to sleep so your brain doesn't work overtime trying to solve this nightmare. Dennis Collins has a great future ahead of him if he continues to put books together like this one. It is a WINNER and I hope that a movie will be made of this because it will have the audience riveted to the edge of their chairs the whole time they are watching and having their own form of Nightmare....

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Reviewed 2012