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Nightmare (2nd review)
Dennis Collins

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April 16, 2012 / ASIN: B007UQYRQU (Kindle e-book)

Reviewed by Beverly J. Rowe

My favorite Collins characters, Detective Albert McCoy, and his partner, Otis Springfield, are here to be sure, but in a lesser role than some of the other books by this author. In this story, we go into the twisted psychotic mind of a killer. The voices in his head are screaming again...and they won't be silenced until he kills.

Bonnie Prescott feels sure that her twin brother, Brian, is about to do something dreadful. She takes her worries to Detective Michael O'Connor in the hopes that whatever Brian is planning can be stopped.

Brian Prescott has a degree in marine biology, specializing in the study of sharks, and especially bull sharks that thrive in fresh water. His secluded waterfront home on one of the bays of Lake Huron offers him an opportunity to put his education to good use, and with a summer festival coming up that will bring thousands of people to the lake front beaches, Brian can feed his demons and test his theory. What would a bunch of hungry bull sharks do among such a bunch of swimmers? His complex plan is ready to put to the test. What a diabolical fiend the evil twin is!

Dennis Collins is a genius at getting every ounce of suspense out of his stories. I couldn't put this one down...great characters and fast action. Just what we have come to expect from this talented author.

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Reviewed 2012