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Old Haunts
Haunted Guesthouse Mystery, No 3
E.J. Cooperman

Berkley Prime Crime
Feb 2012/ 978-0-425-24620-7
Genre Mystery/Paranormal

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

123 Seafront Avenue, located on the Jersey Shore, owned by Alison Kerby, is a guesthouse. It is also a ghost house, inhabited by two troubled souls who had been murdered there. Alison, her daughter Melissa, and Alison's mother all are able to see and interact with ghosts Paul and Maxie.

Paul and Maxie have their own agendas that go beyond providing a little ghostly interaction for Alison's paying guests; Paul wants Alison to find out if his almost fiancée is doing well, and Maxie wants Alison to find out who killed her ex-husband.

As if those tasks aren't enough to sap Alison's strength, her own ex-husband, Steven Rendell, arrives unannounced on the scene. Steven, aka The Swine, is back in her life to try and restore the family unity. At least this is what he claims. Alison, however, knows better than to trust him.

E.J. Cooperman spins a spooky tale that is somehow made to feel normal, and as if we could all have ghost friends in our lives. Old Haunts is a charming mystery/ghost story and there were plenty of laughs included. With the inclusion of characters from the previous books in the series (An Uninvited Ghost and Night of the Living Dead), and the introduction of new characters, this book is sure to delight new readers as well as those who have been fans since the inception.

If you like authors Juliet Blackwell and Sue Ann Jaffarian, I suggest you give E.J. Cooperman a try. You can read Old Haunts as a stand-alone, or read the entire series of three books. I know I can't wait for the next book, and I think you'll feel the same.

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Reviewer Laura Hinds is the author of Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?
Reviewed 2012