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One Book in the Grave
Bibliophile Mystery, No 5
Kate Carlisle

February 7, 2012 / ISBN 978-0451236128

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Brooklyn Wainwright takes on the job of restoring a rare first edition of "The Beauty and the Beast". To her surprise she recognizes the book as the one she had given Emily and Max Adams, a renowned paper maker, as an engagement present. Max was killed in an auto accident. The book was stolen from Emily. Brooklyn decides to find out who sold the book so she can return it to Emily. When she goes to the rare bookstore to question the owner she finds him stabbed to death with a weapon previously owned by the deceased Max. She has already suspected that Max's ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend, who was jealous of Max, were responsible for Max's death. She seeks the help of Guru Bob from her parents' commune to resolve the mystery behind the deaths.

The plot is a strong one with engaging characters. The family characters add much humor to the story. Some details of mending books, book binding and paper making may be helpful to readers who have need for help there.

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