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Palace of Justice
A Aristide Ravel Mystery, No 4
Susanne Alleyn

Minotaur Book
Dec 2010 / 9780312379896
Historical mystery / Paris French Revolution / 1793

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

The Reign of Terror has engulfed France, and Madame Guillotine makes no distinction between the wealthy and the poor. But there is someone in Paris who rivals her by leaving headless bodies on the streets of Paris. Freelance investigator Aristide Ravel for the Paris Force must find the killer.

This is well plotted with colorful, complex characters. Relevant to the story are the progress of the French Revolution and the geography of Paris, both of which are well researched. We are given a picture of the Revolution in Paris as seen from the street level.

A glossary of terms for better understanding is included.



Reviewed 2012