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Perfectly Matched
Lucy Valentine Novel, Vol 4
Heather Webber

May 2012/ 978-1477471005

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Lucy Valentine is back! In this fourth installment of the hugely popular novels by Heather Webber, Lucy and company are gracing readers with another delightful romp through the paranormally-bent streets of Boston.

Lucy possesses some interesting psychic talents, chief among them using information she picks up from touching people's hands to find the lost. Now, however, Lucy is working with a group of other psychics to try to expand her own abilities. The case of a little girl, missing for two years, threatens to unnerve Lucy. However, she's not in this alone, and the usual casts of characters, including Preston, a reporter/friend, Marisol and Em, as well as Valentine Inc. employee, Suz Ruggieri, are there to support her. While there is much more to this novel, I don't want to spoil things and will just recommend that if you are a fan of this series, you must read this book. It is available as both a Kindle edition and as a paperback.

This series never disappoints me, not even for one page. Heather Webber (who also writes as Heather Blake) has an incredible talent for finding new stories for her characters and for keeping the characters relatable to readers. Sure, I may not have a psychic for a friend, nor a family who runs a matchmaking business based on matching people's auras, but I can easily imagine myself interacting with the characters.

I was concerned for a while that there might not be a book four in this series. I should have known Heather Webber would not let her fans down. She found a way to get this book completed and published through CreateSpace, a division of Amazon. I expect that Perfectly Matched demanded that she write it and get it out to her readers. While that may not be paranormal in and of itself, it proves to me that the author has an unbreakable connection with her readers, and perhaps more importantly, with her characters. I am confident that book five is in the works.

Note: Other books in the series: Deeply, Desperately, Absolutely Positively Definitely Maybe

Reviewer Laura Hinds is the author of Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?
Reviewed 2012