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The Perfect Suspect
A Catherine Mccloud mystery, No 2
Margaret Coel

Berkley Prime Crime
Sept 2011 / ISBN: 9780425243480

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Police detective Ryan Beckman and candidate for the governor's seat David Matthews are having an affair. Knowing that exposure would end his political ambitions he ends the affair. Beckman is enraged and kills Matthews. She then leads the investigation and sets up Matthew's wife to take the fall. Beckman was seen leaving Matthew·s house the day he was killed. Now that witness must be found and eliminated. The unknown person, a call girl on her way to an appointment with Matthews, recognizes Beckman, realizes what she is planning and fears for her life. She calls Catherine McCloud, Denver Journal investigative reporter, who has been covering Matthews' campaign, and insists that Beckman killed Matthews but the girl is afraid to come forward to testify. McCloud seeks other witnesses who can tie Beckman and Matthews together while Beckman begins to eliminate those who can link them.

This is an action-packed thriller featuring a woman who is struggling with her past while pursuing her career The race between Beckman's attempt to cover her crime and McCloud's investigations is a suspenseful one. The characters are well drawn and human.

Review 2
Reviewed 2012
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