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Peril in Paperback
Bibliophile Mystery # 6
Kate Carlisle

August 7, 2012 / ISBN 978-0-451-23762-0
Mystery/Amateur Sleuth

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

To me, a great mystery series involves a protagonist with a passion for books and the ability to solve murders. These elements are exactly what it takes to draw me in at the first book and keep my interest for the duration of the series. This begs the question "Why have I not read any of the Bibliophile Mystery Series before now?" My answer is that I simply don't know how it escaped my attention, but I will be rectifying the situation and reading all the previous books as soon as possible.

Brooklyn Wainwright is a book restoration expert, an accidental amateur-sleuth, a woman who loves food, animals, her friends, and her lover, Derek. Brooklyn (I keep catching myself thinking of her as Booklyn), has gone with her friends and neighbors, Suzie and Vinnie, to a week-long birthday celebration at the mansion of Suzie's aunt Grace. Grace Crawford is a billionaire with obsessions with books, and inventing computer games. Grace is highly eccentric, but kind and generous to a fault. When a guest is murdered, and it is discovered that Grace is the real target, Brooklyn must try to solve the puzzle as to who wants to kill Grace and why. She has to move quickly before anyone else is mistakenly murdered and with snow keeping the police at bay, she is thrilled that her old friend Gabriel has shown up with his own bag of crime-busting tricks.

I enjoyed this book so much that I can't recommend it highly enough to other cozy/amateur-sleuth mystery buffs. The writing is tight, the dialogue realistic, the setting delightfully set as scenic, playful and confusing, and the mystery itself is perfect. There are some red-herrings. Or are they really? There is romance, hate, friendship, envy, grief, and more, along with trap doors, and a giant mouse cage, to boot. If you are a reader of this series, you'll want to get your copy right away. If the series is new to you, you may want to consider getting all of the books to read in order. I know my fingers are about to fly as I order copies of the first five Bibliophile Mysteries.

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