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Pineapple Grenade
Serge Storms, No 15
Tim Dorsey

William Morrow
Jan 2012 / ISBN 9780062100733
Suspense / Humor / Florida

Reviewed by Bob Walch

What happens when Serge Storms, Tim Dorsey's totally wacked-out, unrepentant serial killer and protagonist, wants to play secret agent in Miami and protect the back of a banana republic president in town for a conference? Chaos!

First there's the puzzling "Hollow Man" episode that involves a corpse found on the beach with his innards missing. Then there's an even more curious situation involving giant dead sharks being left at the city's busy intersections. Finally, rumor has it that a newly activated CIA cell is operating in town in the very building where the overthrow of Fidel Castro was once planned.

Somehow Serge is involved in all these unfolding dramas in one way or another. About the only thing you cannot connect him to is the latest Gulf oil spill. Well, maybe we can tie him into that too!

Oh, wait, did I mention that little problem with the gentleman named Victor whose import-export business is currently specializing in grenade launchers with very sensitive trigger mechanisms? It's rather an explosive situation to say the least!

Once again Tim Dorsey has concocted a hilarious situation for his loveable, eccentric and totally insane antihero that will have his many fans chortling with glee and the members of Florida's Chamber of Commerce shaking their heads in disgust. This is not good for tourism, although it is great entertainment!

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