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Plotting at the PTA
A Beth Kennedy PTA Mystery #3
Laura Alden

An Obsidian Book
July 2012/ISBN: 0451237498

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

While Beth Kennedy and her children were spending spring break with her mother in Michigan, life ended for Amy Jacobson. She was a reclusive person rarely going outside since she was highly allergic to bee and wasp stings. She would never venture outside when the sun was shining as she would develop a skin rash. After a PTA meeting, Beth overhears some members discussing Amy's death and realizes she was probably her only friend. Life goes on and Amy's death continues to bother Beth. She even goes to talk to Police Chief Gus Eiseley, even though they no longer seem to be friends. The information that Beth gets from Gus makes her believe it was likely to be murder rather than an accidental death. Time of death was when the sun was at its highest, and why didn't she use the EpiPen she was holding?

Life is busy for Beth and her family. She is involved in the Senior Story Project, a money-making program for the PTA. Should she go on a diet with her best friend Marina since the biggest loser will win a prize? Beth was even trying to figure out if she will accept a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Evan Garrett - even though he hasn't asked her.

While doodling through a PTA conference call, Beth is reminded that Amy Jacobson never went outside without several cans of "killer bee spray". She wonders if any turned up when Amy's body was found. Rather than subject herself to the Police Chief's wrath again, Beth calls his wife Winnie to try and find out why he wasn't speaking to her. What she got was an evasive Winnie making her even more confused. So in addition to her family, PTA drama and the bookstore, Beth will have to solve the death… good thing she has half a plan.

Laura Alden has written another delightful mystery. The plotting is fast-paced and for me it was a quick read. Just wish I wouldn't have to wait so long to read the next in the series.

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