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Private Games
Private / International #3
James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Hachette Audio
February 13, 2012 / ISBN: 1611134919
Mystery / Thriller / Audiobook (Unabridged) / 9 hours and 41 minutes
Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, profanity

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

James Patterson strikes again with the second story about the security company known as Private. This is a series I can live with forever.

The story begins in London with the mad ramblings of the killer who calls himself Kronos. He has decided he is one of those truly superior beings destined by the gods to do great things. Of course, he lists several others he considers superior. Adolf Hitler is on that list.

The scene shifts to the venue where the Olympic Games were to be held. It is July 2012. Private security agent Knight ran to the scene of the crime. A member of the Olympic Organization Committee had been murdered, beheaded. As one of those responsible for security at the Olympic Games, Private would help solve this crime as soon as possible.

For Knight, the death of Denton Marshall hit close to home. Knight's mother, Amanda, was to have married Marshall on Christmas Eve. As he stood in Marshall's yard, Michael Lancer, another member of that committee, ran up to him to ask if the word about Marshall was true. After a brief conversation, Lancer ran across the street. A black cab bore down on Lancer, trying to run him down. Knight knocked Lancer out of the way, but the cab clipped Knight.

Private Games is full of great writing, well rounded characters, and a wonderful plot. The action is nonstop as Knight and Private's owner, Jack Morgan, chase Kronos through London and the surrounding areas to stop him and his Three Furies. Meanwhile, the body count is piling up. Athletes are dropping, if not dying outright, then, dying shortly thereafter.

This is not a book you want to put down, as the plot unfolds quickly. If you're doing housework or yard work, listen to Private Games and you'll work faster.

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