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#1 Suspect
Private /Jack Morgan #2
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Read by Peter Hermann

Hachette Audio
January 2, 2012 / ISBN: 1607884623
Mystery / Audiobook (Unabridged)
Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, profanity, sex

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Private: #1 Suspect is a sequel to Private, the story of a private investigator named Jack Morgan and the investigative company, "Private," that Jack's father, Tom Morgan, gave him. In this story, Jack's identical twin, Tommy, made good on his threat to destroy Jack. Jealousy is so unbecoming.

When Jack arrived home from business in Europe, he was exhausted and suffering from jet lag. He had dozens of messages, emails and cases that needed his attention, but they would have to wait until morning. Tonight, he just wanted to take a shower and fall into bed. He went straight to the shower, stripping as he went, leaving a trail of dirty clothes from the living room to the bathroom. He'd pick them up later.

When he reached the bedroom, he got an unpleasant surprise. He saw someone lying on his bed, a young woman, and she was very dead. He moved a couple of steps closer and froze as he recognized to whom the body belonged. It was Colleen Malloy, his former assistant and lover. He also realized he was being framed for her murder. He called Justine, the company psychiatrist and his friend.

The story is filled with nonstop action as Jack tries to run his company, find Colleen's killer, and stay out of jail. The only thing he is certain of is that he didn't kill her. The characters we met in the first book remain the same as they were, without changing. You have to keep listening or you'll miss something that gives you another piece of the three puzzles being solved at the same time. The plot is classic James Patterson. So, listen to Private: #1 Suspect and get ready for another wild ride.

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