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The Probability of Murder
Professor Sophie Knowles Mystery No 2
Ada Madison

Berkley Prime Crime
March 2012/ 978-0-425-24667-2

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Dr. Sophie Knowles is a Mathematics Professor at Henley College in Henley, Massachusetts. She enjoys a full life with her students and even throws weekly parties to commemorate famous mathematicians. Sophie's love life isn't dull either; she has a boyfriend named Brian Granville with the exciting job of medevac pilot, and they are planning a romantic weekend away in Boston.

Elsewhere on a campus, a tragedy unfolds. Charlotte Crocker, the college librarian, who is Sophie's good friend, is murdered. Sophie and Brian realize immediately that their weekend plans will have to wait. Someone murdered Charlotte and Sophie is beyond distraught as she comes to realize there was another side to her friend that she didn't know about. Who would have killed the beloved librarian and why? It's time for Sophie to set aside the rigidity of logic and follow her instincts to unearth the killer.

Author Ada Madison is a talented writer who knows how to hook her audience from the very first page. While readers with math anxiety might be leery of this series, there really is no "boring" or "hard" math to be afraid of. I found the story well-placed and plotted carefully, and overall the book was a rich and satisfying read.

While this isn't a book that I read in an afternoon, or even in one day, I enjoyed that the book made me work, got me to think harder than many cozy mysteries do. Madison is obviously an intelligent writer and I enjoyed learning from Sophie Knowles. This would actually be a great gift for someone in college who enjoys reading and needs motivation for the study of mathematics. It might just be inspirational!

Author Ada Madison also writes as Camille Minichino (The Periodic Table Mysteries ) and Margaret Grace (The Miniature mysteries).

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