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Sam Capra's Last Chance
Jeff Abbott
Read by Kevin T. Collins

Hachette Audio
May 22, 2012 / ISBN B008563N1Y
Mystery/Thriller / Audiobook - Unabridged / 1 hour, 41 minutes


Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Sam Capra used to work for the CIA. But, something went wrong in the action against Nine Suns, a criminal organization that stole children and sold them on the black market. Two CIA agents who were working for Nine Suns were either killed or wounded in the operation. The CIA thought Sam had killed them because he had gone rogue. He'd had no choice but to run. The agency usually shot first and asked questions later, when it was too late to bring the victim back to life if they made a mistake.

Sam went to London, where he spent six happy years with his wife, Lucy. Then Lucy disappeared, apparently taken by Nine Suns. She had been nine months pregnant. Sam traced her to Strasbourg in France, to clinic where she'd reportedly died in childbirth. The only clue he had was a cell phone video of an unknown woman leaving the clinic with his son, Daniel. He'd never gotten to see him or hold him. Daniel had been less than a week old when he was kidnapped.

Sam eventually learned who the woman who took his son was. Anna worked for Nine Suns in their child black market. She met with the prospective parents and delivered the babies to their new parents. She was perhaps Sam's last chance to find his infant son. He had to find her and get Daniel back.

This story is short and is meant be a bridge between the two Sam Capra novels, Adrenaline" and The Last Minute. I would recommend reading Adrenaline first. Sam Capra's Last Chance will stand on its own, but would be better with the first story.

There is no profanity to detract from the story, nor is there explicit sex to deal with. I really enjoyed that. Reader Kevin T. Collins brought the whole story to life with an exemplary performance. Get the entire series and enjoy the whole story.

Reviewer's Note: contains violence
Reviewed 2012