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Scorpion Betrayed
Andrew Kaplan

March 27, 2012/ ISBN 9780062064585 / Reprint edition

Reviewed by Bob Walch

Follow along as an ex-CIA agent named Scorpion chases a wily terrorist across Europe. The international intelligence is thrown into a dither when the head of Egypt's State Internal Security Intelligence Bureau is brutally killed. Little is known about the killer, dubbed "the Palestinian", but everyone realizes this is just the first of what will be a mounting number of attacks leading towards something quite extraordinary and deadly.

Only the freelancing Scorpion, who has intimate knowledge of the Middle East and Europe and plenty of "contacts", can handle this problem. Once the search for his illusive quarry begins, the Scorpion will find he's up against a true equal who may well be able to turn the tables on his pursuer and end his career.

This international espionage thriller offers the high octane adventure one expects whenever Andrew Kaplan sits down to create a new manuscript.

Reviewed 2012