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Ken Patrick

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January 10, 2012/ ASIN: B006W2Q0HM

Reviewed by Dennis Collins

When an airplane crashes, the accident is investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. When a second airplane crashes, it begins to raise eyebrows. Then when a passenger train carrying a high ranking politician mysteriously goes over the side of a railroad bridge, it's time to call on a higher level investigating agency.

Lon Schrader of Homeland Security leads a team comprised of several government groups including the FBI and CIA. The group is being overseen by cabinet level officials in order to prevent the release of false or unsubstantiated information that could cause the public to panic. Budget concerns rate higher than public safety and the oversight smells of political correctness. As you might expect, involving politicians in the investigation presents more obstacles than support.

The investigators find that all three incidents show evidence of a catastrophic explosion just prior to the crashes. And then something new and sinister surfaces. An automobile crash not far from the first air disaster produces a used launching tube for a "Stinger" surface-to-air missile. The politicians still want more proof before endorsing an increase in the threat level.

Then another airplane goes down and the President becomes involved giving Lon Schrader and his group "full and free rein." There's no way to keep the lid on four major transportation disasters in the span of a few days. By now everybody in the country knows we're enduring a new terrorist attack.

This book moves at a measured and rapid pace, jumping seamlessly from scene to scene without losing momentum. Although large numbers of people are involved in the investigation, the author keeps it simple by focusing on Lon Schrader of Homeland Security and Agent Cassie Spicer of the FBI. I really liked the logical progression and steady pace of this book, but I must say I found the ending somewhat disappointing.

Reviewer & Columnist Dennis Collins is the author of Turn Left at September, The Unreal McCoy, The First Domino, and Nightmare
Reviewed 2012