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Supernatural Born Killers
Pepper Martin Mystery #9
Casey Daniels

Berkley Prime Crime
September 2012/ ISBN: 0425251527
Mystery - Paranormal

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

I love finding new mysteries series to add to my ever growing list to read. So when an opportunity arises and I find myself tasked with reading and reviewing a new-to-me series – I jump on it. That is how I found myself starting the Pepper Martin series at book #9 – Supernatural Born Killers.

It seems that Pepper works at Garden View Cemetery as the relations manager. She formerly was the tour guide for the cemetery and, after hitting her head on a mausoleum, can now communicate with ghosts. In the ghostly world, she is known as the solver of problems. Right now her biggest problem is to find out why there are puddles in her nice dry office. The puddles keep coming and seem to be associated with Pepper’s ex-boyfriend Quinn Harrison. Quinn is a detective who is currently on light duty since he was shot (he was dead for a short time and revived) and has been banished from homicide to work in the Community Service Unit.

Pepper finds another puddle at home and this one has a male ghost with it. He is tied up and duct taped to a cinder block. Through a ghostly game of charades, Pepper finds out the ghost is Jack Haggerty who happens to be Quinn’s former partner. All Pepper has to do is convince Quinn the ghost is real and get him to help solve Jack’s murder. Another life is on the line and might be swimming with the fishes if they don’t solve this crime very soon.

This is one fast-paced mystery that I stayed up very late to finish. I loved the main character and can’t wait to dive into the first eight books in the series. Wish I had them right now so I could read them all and then tell Casey Daniels to hurry up and write book #10. If you like your mysteries mixed with a little ghostly action, then this is the series for you.

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