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Sweet Revenge
Lady Adrianna Hadley Series, No 1
Andrea Penrose

April 2011 / ISBN: 9780451233035
Historical mystery / Regency mystery

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Aariana Hadley returns from Barbados to London to try to solve the mystery of who framed and killed her father for a crime he didn't commit. She poses as a French chef in the household of a London aristocrat. When the Prince Regent is poisoned by a chocolate confection she made, she is the prime suspect. Alexandro DeQuincy, Earl of Saybrook, is charged with the investigation. He discovers her disguise but believes her innocence. Together they uncover the plot to kill the Regent and destabilize the government.

This is an enjoyable read with a mixture of mystery, adventure, romance, humor and history. The characters are likeable. Ariana is an independent, nonconforming woman seeking her own goals. There is an excellent picture portrayed of this period.

There is a combination of mystery and a history of chocolate, and includes excellent and mouthwatering chocolate recipes.

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