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Targets of Opportunity
Jordan Sandor Mysteries, No 2
Jeffrey Stevens

Gallery Books
August 30, 2011/ ISBN: 9787145124328
Intrigue / Espionage / Thriller

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

Top terrorist agent for Iran·s Revolutionary Guard, Ahmed Jabr, seeks protection from his own side. In exchange he offers information he has learned about a terrorist strike against the heartland of America by the combined force of enemies of the United States: Korea, Venezuela and Iran. The strike is to be orchestrated to appear to be the work of Islamics, which would set off world chaos. Skeptic of the validity of Jabar's information, Sandor proceeds to penetrate North Korea with his strike force in an attempt to uncover the conspiracy. With his newly gained knowledge he knows he must defeat the unknown terrorist who is the mastermind of the entire conspiracy.

This is a fast paced well-written story with an excellent input about the world of counterterrorism. It is full of intrigue and action sustained by the colorful cast of characters who battle between good and evil.

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