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Kevin O'Brien

March 27, 2012 /ISBN: 0786021381

Reviewed by Bob Walch

When a dismembered body was discovered near her home, the police believed that Megan Keeslar was killed by her sadistic husband, Glenn. Actually that wasn't Megan's body, but she took the opportunity to escape with her son from a terrible family situation. Meanwhile, Glenn was convicted of the murder and sent to prison.

Having built a new life in Seattle, Megan isn't able to forget her past and the horrors it carved on her mind. Fortunately, no one knows the woman's secret, or so she thinks! Then the anonymous emails begin. Glenn has been released from jail, but is he the source of these threats? Or is it someone else?

The situation reaches the crisis point when Megan's home is broken into and her young son is kidnapped. This begins a nightmare of unimagined portions that is at the center of the 500 page plus thriller.

Novelist Lisa Jackson advises you read this novel "with the lights on" and Tess Gerritsen says that it offers white knuckle action that takes "the reader into the darkest corners of the human mind!".

Both authors are dead on!


Reviewer's Note:
Reviewed 2012