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Texas by the Tail
Jim Thompson
Read by Jeff Brick

Hachette Audio
May 1, 2012 / ASIN: B007Z95S9C
Mystery /Noir / Audiobook - Unabridged / 6 hours, 58 minutes


Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Mitch Corley was one lucky fellow. If everyone in Texas knew the truth, he wouldn't make it across the border. If there's one thing Texans hate, it's a cheater. Mitch Corley was a cheater, his fast hands covering his illegal moves. He'd never been able to run his dice games otherwise. Of course, without Red to come along and pull him out of the game, the others would have caught on long ago.

Red was a distraction, all right. A willowy redhead with a dynamite figure to go with a gorgeous face, she also had a smile that took a man's mind off all his troubles. She was a big part of his "good luck." But it was a part that would go away if she ever found out he had lied to her. He'd almost lost her the one time she caught him in a lie. She'd made him promise never to lie to her again. Of course, he'd lied to her. He had to if he wanted to stay alive. She knew he had a son, but she didn't know he was still married to Teddy. Because of Teddy, he didn't have the cash Red thought they did. If she ever found out…

"Texas by the Tail" is almost a comedy of errors. Mitch is just like my sister. He could fall in a pile of manure and come out smelling like a rose. The others are totally human as well. The plot is typical, though the ending takes an unusual twist. It does show that people who choose to live on the wrong side of good end up in the dark, often literally. Reader Jeff Brick does a great job in making the story live.

Reviewer's Note: Contains sex, violence and profanity
Reviewed 2012