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Think Twice
Lisa Scottoline

MacMillan Audio
March 16, 2010 / ISBN-10: 1427209553
Mystery / Audiobook(Unabridged) /

Reviewed by Jo Rogers

Bennie Rosato was a successful lawyer in New York City. She had a twin sister, Alice Connolly, who worked as a paralegal for a lawyer friend of Bennie's, a job Bennie got for her. Alice was on medication for her mental condition, a major improvement. She had kept this job for two years, a record for Alice. Bennie fervently prayed that the long, horrible past was finally over. She hoped Alice would no longer think that Bennie's success had come at Alice's expense. She thought Bennie owed her for that.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. Suddenly, Alice quit her job, stole money from a charity, and called Bennie for money and a job. Bennie said no, she would not help her again. Alice was furious! Bennie would pay for this and pay dearly!

She attacked Bennie and stole her keys, her car, and took her identity. She went about passing herself off as Benedetta Rosato, Attorney at Law. She went to the office, read all the briefs, did what she knew how to do and delegated the rest to the real lawyers Bennie employed. Meanwhile, she had buried Bennie alive in a field in the next county.

This is a thriller, a chiller, a story you won't soon forget. The characters are realistic and a perfect example of how unreasoning hatred can warp a person's character beyond all recognition. The plot is one of those what-if ideas that chills your blood to the bone. This book is well-written and keeps your attention as it shifts back and forth between Bennie, Alice, and Mary, one of Bennie's staff lawyers. The shift is necessary to keep the widely separated characters up to date. So, listen to "Think Twice" and keep a close eye on your twin. Watch your other siblings too!

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Reviewer's Note: Contains violence, sexual situations, profanity
Reviewed 2012