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Trader of Secrets
Paul Madriani Series, No 12
Steve Martini

Harper Collins
Dec 2011 / ISBN: 9780061930249

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer

In Trader of Secrets (follow-up to Guardian Of Lies) author Steve Martini steps away from courtroom drama with his main character, defense attorney Paul Mardiani. In Traders of Secrets, DA Mardiani continues to chase Mexican assassin, Liquida. Unfortunately for Mardiani, Liquida is hunting his daughter.·

Paul Mardiani has sequestered his daughter Sarah at the farm of his uncle in Ohio. He hopes to hide her from Mexican assassin, Liquida, who has vowed to kill her. With her is Paul's law partner, Harry Hinds. Unfortunately Liquida finds Sarah and attacks her with his special stiletto. She narrowly escapes the attack with the help of her Rottweiler dog. Paul vows to find Liquida and eliminate him. The FBI has been unable so far in apprehending Liquida. Paul determines to search for him and end his reign of terror with his companion, Jocelyn Cole, and his partner, Harry Hinds. They follow the few clues they have to Siam and Paris and become involved in uncovering a world of international terrorism. Two American nuclear technicians plan to sell secret technology to a terrorist organization. Liquida is contracted to kill one of them and prevent the release of the damaging information. It up to Paul to search for Liquida before an ultimate tragedy can occur. His final confrontation with Liquida is a violent and deadly one.

This is a tale of the relentless search to tfind and erminate a vengeful assassin and to stop the treasonable actions of two men from causing worldwide chaos.

Trader of Secrets is a fast moving story with a solid cast of characters.

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