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Vanishing Girls
Karin Schaeffer Series #3
Katia Lief

June 26, 2012 / ISBN 978-0062095046

Reviewed by Nicole Merritt

Vanishing Girls is the story of a private investigator, Karin Schaeffer, who in investigating the recent disappearance of two young girls, finds herself facing the psychopathic killer herself when he strikes too close to home. Haunted by her own past experience, Karin is suddenly thrown into her own dark world. P.I. Schaeffer accidentally answers a call meant for her detective husband and stumbles into a case that changes their lives.

With typical twisting and turning down avenues that add another dimension to the tale, I still enjoyed the story. If you like detective stories, you'll like Gardner's style. Written in a suspenseful detective style, it is compelling and page turning. The last pages of the book include a brief excerpt from Katia's next novel, coming in 2013.

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