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We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges
1948, The Hollywood Murder Mysteries, #2
Peter S Fischer

The Grove Point Press
November 2011 / ISBN-10: 0984681914
Historical Mystery

Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Lights, cameras and even more action for Warner Brothers Studio press agent Joe Bernardi. He is now on his way to Tampico, Mexico to get Humphrey Bogart out of jail. Seems Bogie got into a fight while there to film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

What Joe finds is a lot of sabotage being done to the film sets and equipment. Is it the gangster El Jefe who wanted the studio to hire 60 more of his people? Or could the studio be trying to close the movie down since the studio head hates it?

Joe meets a lot of people, including Walter Houston and even Ann Sheridan, who was brought in to lighten up the movie. Pedro Castano, former policeman, is a new actor who becomes a good friend of Joe’s in a very short time. I say this because, before you know it, Pedro’s body is found in a nearby rock quarry.

Looks like Joe will have to get into Sherlock Holmes mode to solve this caper. He has to make sure the right person is arrested or Jimbo Ochoa will be serving hard time. All Joe really wants is to have some hard boiled eggs – plain without any sauce on them. He will have to find out who framed Jimbo as well as babysit the reporters, who are always looking for the next scoop.

Things to ponder: who was Pedro arguing with the day before he was murdered? Is Hal Croves really who he says he is --- or is he incognito? Finally, is Phil Drago really as stupid as he appears or is he just a “yes” man for the studio?

Peter S Fischer has done it again – he has put me in a time machine and landed me in 1948. He has written a fast paced murder mystery that will have you up into the wee hours reading. If you love the old movies and get star struck then this is the book for you.

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