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A Witch Before Dying
Wishcraft Mystery #2
Heather Blake

August 2012/ 978-0-451-23763-7

Reviewed by Laura Hinds

Darcy Merriweather is back in the second Wishcraft Mystery written by author Heather Blake, who to many cozy mystery lovers is also known as Heather Webber. I am such a fan of her writing and always thrilled when she has a new book out. I am also a fan of Heather on Facebook, and noted that she recently posted she was nervous about book number two coming out in August. She needn't have worried; the second time readers travel to Salem, Massachusetts and the Enchanted Village within Salem is a charm.

The Enchanted Village is home to quite a few Crafters, such as Wishcrafters, Curecrafters, Cloakcrafters and more. There are mortals who live in the village as well, and the Crafters must be very careful to maintain their secrecy, or risk losing their powers. In this installment, Darcy finds herself accepting a job cleaning out the house of a missing hoarder. You see, Darcy works with her Aunt Ve in her business "As You Wish" and they say no job is too small or too big. Yet this one turns out to be a doozy, when Darcy discovers the missing woman's body right in her own home.

There is mischief afoot all over the place: shenanigans disrupting the plans for Ve and Sylar's upcoming wedding, a magical amulet that disappeared now being sought after with ill intent, a peeping tom, dubbed the Creeper-Peeper, and a rash of food poisonings at a local restaurant. It's up to Darcy and her friends to figure out what is going on before anyone else is killed. Good thing one of Darcy's friends is the sexy village police chief!

Blake has brought back characters from the first book, and showed readers more of their innate personalities. She's also incorporated new characters to flesh out the village and make it even more interesting. There is magic found in this book, as well as a dash of romance and a hint of sex too! You'll read about gemstones, many types of Crafters, some delicious sounding food, and mix it up with murder, mysteries, a fabulous talking bird and a talking mouse, and even a traveling band of rock and mineral sellers, named "The Roving Stones" and hilarity ensues. Four magic wands for "A Wish Before Dying" get your copy today!

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Reviewer Laura Hinds is the author of Are You Gonna Eat That Banana?
Reviewed 2012