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You Might as Well Die
An Algonquin Round Table Mystery, No 2
J J Murphy

December 6, 2011 /ISBN: 0451235320

Reviewed by Brenda Weeaks

If you aren't aware of the Infamous Round Table members, who lunched daily at the Algonquin Hotel from 1919 through 1929, then you might want to run an internet search before you start this series… Doing so will certainly put you in the mind set of that era before you open the cover. And if you do - trust me - you'll want to stay there long after this Algonquin mystery is over.

You Might as Well Die has underrated artist Ernie MacGuffin committing suicide. Before Ernie jumps off the Brooklyn Bridge, he personally delivers his suicide note to Vanity Fair columnist Dorothy Parker. Unfortunately she waits to open it. Dorothy and fellow columnist Robert Benchley tried to out run a Speakeasy owner's wife and son to save Ernie,but all they find is a painting and a pair of shoes on the Bridge. The two decide to find out what drove Ernie to suicide, which leads them into a mystery that includes more than one death and more than one chasing scene…

The crazy Taxi ride to the bridge sets the pace for the mystery, which is fast, wild, and downright humorous. The characters, dialogue, and atmosphere come right off the Black and White screen… I love it. Murphy has Parker's humor down pat. The constant reappearance of the other Round Table (Vicious Circle) characters liven up the storyline and help readers relive a bit of history (with some added flair). Houdini makes a few slap-dash appearances as does Harpo Marx. At the end of the book, Murphy lets readers know what is historically accurate and what isn't but who cares; it's an entertaining, unforgettable ride.

Reviewed 2012