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The Abbey
Chris Culver

Grand Central
May 7, 2013 / ISBN: 978-1-4555-2741-0

Reviewed by Dennis Collins

Ash Rashid is a homicide detective assigned to the Indianapolis, Indiana prosecutor's office. He is also a practicing Muslim who breaks as many of his religious rules as he does department regulations. His dream is to become an attorney and he is attending law school in his spare time in hopes of making that happen. He can't wait to get away from the gruesome world of murder.

When Ash's niece is found dead as the result of a drug overdose, he finds it hard to believe because his niece had always followed the strict Muslim rules regarding drugs. And then there's something about the crime scene that screams to him that this was not an accidental death. It's not officially his case but, because of the family connection he's keeping a close eye on it. And then his niece's boyfriend turns up dead as well.

The investigation is handed over to a hot shot detective lieutenant who promptly decides that no crime has been committed and closes the case. In spite of emphatically being told to back off, Ash decides to keep looking into the situation. And then his four year old daughter receives a death threat.

Ash Rashid is a perfect blend of moral cop, relentless investigator, and wild-west cowboy. He knows what questions to ask and how to get answers, when to compromise in order to get results, and he knows when it's time to shut up and start shooting.

Author Chris Culver does a great job of pacing the story so that the reader has just enough time to catch their breath between crises. Good guys as well as bad guys, all playing crucial roles travel in and out of the story. I liked the way the characters popped to life and the perfect way that they interacted. The chapter length is ideal for easy reading and the overall story is believable and engaging.


Reviewer & Columnist Dennis Collins is the author of Turn Left at September, The Unreal McCoy, The First Domino, and Nightmare
Reviewed 2013