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A Fete Worse Than Death
A Hemlock Falls Mystery # 18
Claudia Bishop

Berkley Prime Crime
March 2013 /  ISBN: 978-0425262795


Reviewed by Cheryl Green

Sarah “Quill” Quilliam-McHale has moved back into the Inn at Hemlock Falls.  Her husband Myles is on assignment for the government as a “secret agent”.  All Quill wants to do is spend as much time with her son Jack before pre-school starts.  This is not going to happen.  Quill is too nice and can’t say no to anyone.  She is involved with several committees for the annual Finger Lakes Autumn Fete.  This includes the steering committee.  However, since Adela Henry is the chairperson, there are no worries - this is her baby and she basically runs the show.  

There is a big brouhaha at one of the committee meetings.  Words are said. Gavels are banged incorrectly and a marriage may be over because of doing so.  Adela Henry leaves the meeting in a huff but not before resigning as chairperson.  Carol Ann Spinoza starts a group to look into the nefarious acts that Adela has been committing including stealing the fete money which is supposed to go to charity.  Mayor Henry asks Quill to look into this and since she can’t say no to anyone – she agrees to investigate.  Will Quill figure out who is behind these dastardly deeds before something worse happens? 

Things to ponder:  Where is the Fete account money?  How did Carol Ann know the money was missing?  Why was Althea at the Citizens for Justice meeting?  Most of all where is Adela? 

Claudia Bishop always gives you a good mystery filled with quirky characters and red herrings.  It is always fun to visit with the people of Hemlock Falls and see what they are up to.  This is a fun, fast-paced read. I love a book that includes a Cast of Characters list.  So if you like your mystery with a little room service pampering, then A Fete Worse Than Death is a book you will enjoy.

 Reviewer's Note: Includes some mouth-watering recipes.
Reviewed 2013